Welcome to Gateways To A New World – my blog page about the history, and heritage of South Africa`s missionary education schools. I am presently working on a book about this important part of South African history, and I have started this blog page primarily to share and articulate thoughts and viewpoints on the various topics relating to this topic in South African education and heritage studies.

For most black South Africans the process of colonization in the late 19th century that led onto the system of apartheid in the 20th century left them with a poor education, broken family structures and little hope of living the life they wished for themselves,and their children.

But there were pockets of excellence that offered black students an education at least comparable to that which their white counterparts received – the education offered by mission education schools.

My book aims to record and document the establishment,growth and development of ten of ten of the schools,and in the proccess reclaim and preserve their memory and legacy in the progression of South African society.

I therefore invite you to visit the blog on a regular basis,and read articles,share information and contribute to discussions on this important part of  South Africa`s  national heritage.


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